frequently asked questions

Our pontoons are extremely stable and can float loads up to 400 kg/m2. Safe project load should be taken as 250 kg/m2.
There is no problem even if your pontoon rests partially on the ground. However, make sure that there are no sharp objects at the point of contact with the ground.
Our pontoons are almost maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, lightweight, durable and easy to assemble. In addition, you can increase and change the configuration of your berth from year to year.
The size of one sunplast module is 1000x500x400 mm. Weight – 11.5 kg. Two modules form 1 m2.

The V-dock system consists of 500x500x320 mm modules with a v-shaped cutout. Module weight is 6.5 kg. The combination with sunplast modules forms a convenient dry dock for your boat or jet ski.
A significant advantage of Sunplast plastic pontoons is their low weight, which ensures ease and simplicity of assembly. Modular pontoons are easy to unload from a car, move and assemble by the water even for one person.

The mass of the rotomolded Plastidock pontoon is 130 kg, and at least two adult men are required to move an element of such a pontoon.
Apart from normal surface cleaning, the system is virtually maintenance-free. This gives you more time to enjoy your time by the water.
You can use a 1 m wide walkway, but for greater stability and safety, we recommend a width of 1.5 m or more. By increasing the number of modules, you can increase the stability of the pontoon system in the water. You can also add handrails for your safety.
We use only European primary raw materials, dyes and light stabilizers. Each batch of raw materials and dyes has all certificates from the manufacturer.
Yes, but the easiest way would be to assemble the pontoons on the shore in sections. Then, by sliding the sections into the water, connect them together.
Sunplast pontoons have optimal dimensions in terms of load and flexibility ratio. The modular pontoon system will move along with the wave. At the same time, the modular system provides a huge margin of safety – each module redistributes the load from a wave or a boat to the total dock area.
Our experience shows that these systems are able to withstand severe storms and extreme weather conditions. Reliable anchor systems are an important factor. We recommend using plastic pontoons in protected water areas where waves do not exceed 3 points.
For all our products “Plasti-Co” LLC provides a 5-year warranty.
The design of modular plastic pontoons does not require registration in the “Sea and River Register of Ukraine”, since it is a temporary non-self-propelled floating structure. But, in case it will be used for public access, it is necessary to order a Project documentation from any certified design organization. Local laws may differ from country to country, please consult with experts.
The pontoon is made of durable but soft plastic that has no sharp edges and will not leave marks on your boat or jet ski. Conversely, most PWC models do not scratch the pontoon itself. Only in case when the redan steps of your watercraft still cling to plastic, we suggest installing a roller system, it is mounted on a finished pontoon without the need to disassemble it.

We accept orders for the supply and installation of plastic modular pontoons in Ukraine and abroad. We also organize the delivery of modules by any transport company. Each installation is unique and depends on:

  • your location
  • body of water (river, sea, lake)
  • payment method
  • terms of delivery, etc.

For purchase inquiries, please contact us through the contacts section. Please provide as many details as possible.