we produce additional stainless steel accessories for your pontoon

3 dayssketch processing

1 dayagreement and approval

14 daysproduction and delivery

Ready-made pontoon structures can be completed with additional products for ease of use.

For fish farms and amateur fishermen, as well as thematic recreation areas, we manufacture floating bridges and fences that allow you to comfortably descend to the water and moor small boats.

In order to realize your project at the highest possible level, we work only with high-quality material. All accessories are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

handrail post

height - 1300 mm


height - 280 mm

winch with frame

stainless steel or black metal

anchor bracket

height - 205 mm


3,4,5 steps

cover for the pile & bracket for the pile

landing ΓΈ 104

bollard v-type

height - 260 mm

rollers on a stainless frame

stainless steel, rollers rubberized

assembly keys

set, metall

bollard h-type

height - 280 mm


softening bumper

additional accessories for pontoons

if you want to order additional accessories for pontoons, please contact our managers. we will advise you and help you choose the right products. first, we will approve the sketch of your project and discuss all the details, then we will coordinate and approve the order, after which we will proceed to the manufacture of products.

to order high-quality pontoons and accessories for them, whether it be pontoon handrails or individual products, contact professionals with an impeccable reputation. plasti-co is always at your service!

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