ideal solution for closed water areas.

Thanks to their design, plastic pontoons are reliable, stable, easy to assemble and dismantle.

plastidock modular pontoons

Modular polymer pontoons are assembled into a floating platform from seamless blocks with an anti-slip surface.

Due to the bottom structure with stiffeners, the pontoon has high strength. In enclosed waters, it provides high stability and safety for adults and children.

To connect the blocks together in a structure, rigid metal-rubber fasteners are used. With their help, you can also install additional equipment and accessories.

modular pontoons
technical information

PLASTIDOCK modules are manufactured by our specialists by rotational molding.

The size of the module is 3x1.5 meters. Weight - 70 kg. The material is high density polyethylene.

When necessary, the pontoon can be assembled and disassembled.

3000 x 1500 x 360 ммDimensions

1350 кгmodule load capacity

350 кгCarrying capacity of 1 m2

jet ski dock

If you have a jet ski, we recommend ordering a slip for it. A slip is a dry dock for watercraft that will allow you not to pull it out of the water every time by hands.

It will prevent fouling, algae, molluscs, garbage from getting into the jet, and reduce maintenance costs. A dock for a boat or jet ski will greatly simplify your life.

The dock is designed in such a way that the PWC can easily drive onto it and can just as easily go back afloat.

The slip is made of high-quality polyethylene. It withstands temperature changes and is resistant to environmental factors, so it does not require additional care.

You can buy modular pontoons from us and forget about the difficulties you have faced up to this point.

3200 х 1500 х 350 ммDimensions

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