Specially designed V-type modules that, together with the Sunplast pontoon, can be easily converted into a dock for a jet ski, boat or other floating craft

Berth for
jet ski V-DOCK

Owners of boats, boats or jet skis have certain requirements for their storage conditions.

Incorrect maintenance of water transport can lead to its breakdown and subsequent costly repairs. If the boat is kept afloat, the bottom may overgrow.

This will inevitably lead to a deterioration in driving performance and significantly increase your operating costs. A dry dock will save you from such problems.

Modular plastic pontoons V-DOCK from Plasti-Ko are a reliable and practical option for lifting to the berth and safely storing jet skis or boats.

Dry dock for a jet ski

Owners of floating craft need such a slip-berth.

Proper parking for jet skis will save you money on maintenance and prolong the active life of your watercraft.

Thanks to its anti-slip surface, a dry dock for a jet ski and a boat is as safe, reliable and stable as possible, even when the water level in the reservoir changes.

Your pontoon can stay on the water even in winter in the absence of ice drift.

50x50x32 cmModule size

6 Kgmodule weight

"Plasti-Ko" Jetty for jet ski

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