Do you want to make the coast comfortable and safe for mooring boats?

Are you planning to add an area for your site at the expense of the adjacent water area?

Or maybe you are dreaming about a vacation on your personal island?

We can make any of your dreams come true, because Plasti-Ko is the first and only manufacturer of Sunplast modular plastic berths in Ukraine.

Since 2006 we have been manufacturing and professionally installing plastic pontoons.

Our floating structures are applicable in any region under different weather conditions, and can be easily mounted on any body of water.

The artificial beach created using the latest technologies can be easily transported, disassembled and reassembled as many times as necessary.

We offer an easy way to use the water surface with fast-build modular structures.


A unique and easy-to-use product that allows you to create ready-made pontoon berths.

Regardless of the type of reservoir - be it the sea, reservoir, lake or river, with the help of pontoons you can safely and comfortably use any type of shore.

Plastic berths are connected to each other with a special fastening element, which allows you to simply and quickly change the position of the modules and increase or decrease their area.

Even one person can cope with this task.

Our standard module colors are blue and light gray. The warehouse always has about 50 m2 in stock.

Our own production allows us to quickly manufacture modules for a larger order. When ordering from 350 m2, you can choose any color of the pontoons.

100x50x40 cmModule size

390 kg / m²carrying capacity

11.5 kgmodule weight

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