Metal pontoons on plastic floats are the best choice for organizing modern marinas for yachts and small vessels


The SUNMARINA system is used to create metal pontoons for yachts and boats of small and medium tonnage.

With its help you will be able to: - organize the most up-to-date yacht-club parking lots - correct shortcomings in an existing project - choose a different configuration and change the number of parking spaces

SUNMARINA: the perfect solution
for yacht clubs

Our projects are practically unlimited, because metal berths can be installed on anchors, piles or adjustable metal supports.

And most importantly, a modular metal berth is not inferior in strength and reliability to monolithic hydraulic structures.

It meets all environmental standards, while being easy to install and operate.

12.2 x 2.25 m.Standard section size

1900 kgSection weight, assembled

All of our products are made from quality materials and undergo rigorous production controls.

Bearing frames of metal pontoons measuring 12.2x2.25 m are made of high quality profiles for the shipbuilding industry and are hot-dip galvanized.

Thanks to this, the pontoons have high strength and long service life.

The pontoon is resistant to deformation and damage even in case of grounding with changing water levels.

A specially installed transverse load-bearing set allows to evenly distribute external loads throughout the pontoon and give it additional rigidity.

Plastic fenders, placed along the perimeter of the berth, protect the side of the watercraft in case of "hard" mooring.


Rigid frame structure from shipbuilding steel, profile IPE220, made in Germany and channel No. 22.

Longitudinal and transverse set of steel profile pipes. The sections are connected to each other using powerful hinge joints.

Deck covering - plastic board with anti-skid elements (polyethylene, 5 years warranty).

At the request of the Customer, the coating can be made of hard wood with a special vacuum protective impregnation and a protective and decorative paint and varnish coating? Either composite materials.

The buoyancy of the section is provided by plastic boxes filled with extrusion (closed-cell) expanded polystyrene with high mechanical characteristics and resistance to climatic influences.

Depending on the payload to be taken by the sections and the required board height (decks above the water level), the floats can be installed in one or two tiers in height.


All sections are initially equipped with cable routes for supplying electricity and water to service columns.

The design of the sections also makes it possible to pivotally attach pins to the sections at predetermined locations (with a step of 0.5 m), install mooring cleats and cleats, pile locks and service columns.

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