"Plasti-Ko" Installation of pontoons

Buy pontoons made of plastic

Sale, installation of plastic pontoons, mooring structures in Ukraine

"Plasti-Ko" Installation of pontoons


Resistant to storms, do not freeze into the ice, are not afraid of ebbs and flows.

The modular design allows you to assemble any berth size according to your request.

Reliable plastic modular pontoons for yacht docks, harbors, marinas, marinas, pontoon ferries.

"Plasti-Ko" Installation of pontoons
"Plasti-Ko" Installation of pontoons


The best way for dry storage of boats and jet skis.

Forget about carts, winches, cranes and lifts, entrust the storage of your craft to professionals.

With the V-Dock system, you can properly store watercraft, dock safely and launch them effortlessly.

"Plasti-Ko" Installation of pontoons
"Plasti-Ko" Installation of pontoons


Mobile plastic pontoons for closed waters.
Application in various industries is possible.
Excellent characteristics.

Thanks to a specially developed structure, it is not inferior in stability to conventional concrete pontoons, while being easily dismantled and installed anywhere.

"Plasti-Ko" Installation of pontoons


Unique metal frame pontoons on plastic floats to create a yacht club or marina.
Installed on anchors, piles or adjustable metal supports.

The galvanized frame extends the life of the pontoon. Only high quality materials and high requirements for the production of products.


We are ready to implement your project using turnkey pontoon systems.

We offer various products for pontoons and docks.

Fencing posts, bollards, stairs according to your order.

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Installation of plastic pontoons from professionals

In order to correctly carry out the installation of berthing structures and pontoons, it is better to entrust this process to specialists who have extensive experience and are faced with complex structures on a daily basis.

Correct installation of any floating object: pontoon, ferry, berth for a boat or jet ski, etc. should be carried out taking into account all the technical parameters and characteristics of pontoon products and reservoirs, as well as the nuances of assembly.



How to buy plastic pontoons

You can order pontoon systems from a manufacturer in Ukraine on our website online right now. Call us and get advice on choosing a design, its cost, installation features, etc.

Buying plastic pontoons is the right decision for owners of jet skis, boats, yachts, boats, because now the floating craft will be completely safe.

Nothing is impossible for us: floating bridges and crossings, artificial islands for recreation and even large stages on the water for television projects - we have successfully implemented all this and are ready for new challenges.


Our experts will quickly and efficiently install plastic pontoons, attach them to the shore and anchoring, and also tell you about the rules of operation and maintenance of them. To do this, you just need to leave a request on the website or call the managers.

From individual plastic elements, you can assemble a pontoon of any size and shape, based on your needs. The structure can be easily and quickly mounted and dismantled, therefore, if necessary, the modular pontoon can be modified.

Some types of pontoon structures are more convenient to assemble on the berth and immediately launch into the water, while others are better to be mounted on the shore. The assembly will require a space with a soft base (fine sand, grass, etc.).

We will gladly help you to assemble any modular pontoon structure: piers, beaches on the water, rafts, islands for diving and fishing, as well as platforms on the water for stages and events.


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