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Storm resistant construction that does not freeze into ice, not afraid of ebbs and flows.

The modular design allows you to assemble any size of the pontoon according to your request.

Reliable plastic modular pontoons for creating moorings for yachts, harbours, jetties, marinas, pontoon crossings.


The best way to dry-storage your boats and jet skis.

Forget about carts, winches, cranes and lifts, entrust the storage of your watercraft to professionals.

With the V-Dock system, you can store your boat properly, dock safely and launch it effortlessly.


Modular plastic pontoons for closed water areas.
Can be used in various industries.
Excellent stability characteristics.

Due to a special design it is comparable in stability to concrete pontoons, while being easily dismantled and installed.


Unique metal frame pontoons on plastic floats to create a yacht club or marina.
Mounted on anchors, piles or adjustable metal supports.

The galvanized frame increases the service life of the pontoon. Only high-quality materials and high requirements for the production of products.

Лучший способ для сухого хранения катеров и гидроциклов.

Забудьте про тележки, лебедки, краны и подъемники, доверьте хранение вашего плавсредства профессионалам.

С помощью системы V- Dock вы сможете правильно хранить водный транспорт, безопасно причаливать и без усилий спускать его на воду.

Leading Ukrainian company for manufacture of mooring systems, plastic pontoons, docks, piers, crossings

We have been producing European quality pontoons since 2006.

During this time, we have become the industry leader in Ukraine, gathered a team of professionals and implemented over 500 projects both in Ukraine and abroad.

The production facilities of the company comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We use only high-quality materials and modern technologies, so we can guarantee the strength and durability of our water structures.

frequently asked

Our pontoons are extremely stable and can float loads up to 400 kg/m2. The safe design load is taken as 250 kg/m2.
Our pontoons are virtually maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, lightweight, durable and easy to assemble. In addition, you can increase and change the configuration of your berth from year to year.
The size of one Sunplast module is 1000x500x400 mm. Weight – 11.5 kg. Two modules form 1 m2. The V-DOCK system consists of 500x500x320 mm modules with a V-shaped cutout. Module weight – 6.5 kg. The combination of these modules forms a convenient dry dock for your boat or jet ski.
A significant advantage of plastic pontoons is their low weight, which ensures ease and simplicity of assembly. Modular pontoons are easy to unload from a car, move and assemble by the water even for one person. And the minimum mass of a rotomolded pontoon is 70 kg, and two adult men are required to move an element of such a pontoon.
Yes, but for ease of assembly, we recommend assembling the pontoons on the shore in sections, and then, moving the sections into the water, connect them.
Our pontoons have optimal dimensions in terms of load and flexibility ratio. On a wave, modular pontoons do not take on the blow, but bend along with the wave (there is no break). At the same time, the cellular system provides a huge margin of safety – each module redistributes the load from a wave or a boat to the total dock area. But with large dimensions of the product, this does not happen, and such a pontoon breaks in the places of the connecting elements.
Our experience shows that these systems are able to withstand severe storms and extreme weather conditions. Reliable anchor systems are an important factor. We recommend using plastic pontoons in protected water areas where waves do not exceed 3 points.

customer reviews

We assembled the pontoon structure you sent us fairly quickly. Very satisfied, everything turned out very well, thank you very much. We will continue to cooperate with you
Bought a dry dock for a boat last year. The construction is already in its third summer season, there are no complaints. The biggest plus is that in winter it is not necessary to clean the structure. We just rented a boat in the winter and that's it.
I sincerely thank the Plasti-Co company for cooperation and support at all stages: from ordering, payment, delivery to assembly consultations. Thanks to your personal attitude to the client and professionalism, we became the owners of a wonderful pier that pleases us every day!
Our yacht club has chosen the V-dock system and has been using dry docks for almost 10 years. Every year we increase the number of sites for jet skis of our customers. This is very convenient for us - we do not occupy the area of ​​​​the site, and for our customers - they do not need to waste time pulling the hydro from the water.
Thank you for your promptness and hard work! In a short time, everything was agreed upon and a pontoon was installed for vacationers at the recreation center. Children especially liked this pier! It is important that the plastic is not slippery and the edges are safe for people.

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Plastic pontoons: advantages

Modular structures are widely used in various fields, ranging from private households, coastal areas, and ending with various industries. We will be happy to help in the implementation of your project.

Plastic pontoons proved their strength and safety, showed excellent performance. They are resistant to UV rays, salt water, acids and alkalis. Thanks to a special profile with an anti-slip surface, the floats are safe to walk on.

Modular plastic pontoons

provide ample opportunities for the implementation of the most daring decisions – this modular system can be modified and rebuilt to suit any needs in any configuration.

Our pontoons have a number of advantages:

  • reliable and durable;
  • made from environmentally friendly materials;
  • easy to assemble and dismantle;
  • can be used at temperatures from -50 °C to +60 °C;

The composition includes UV filters to protect against the “aging” of plastic under the sun

  • withstand storm and wind;
  • do not freeze into ice;
  • used all year round.

Plastic berths: scope

The scope of our modular water structures is very extensive, because we manufacture not only pontoons for creating berths, but also other floating systems.

Pontoons can be used for:

  • crossings;
  • yacht clubs;
  • diving sites;
  • berths for boats, jet skis, boats and other water transport;
  • dry docks (slipways) for water-engine equipment;
  • rafts for fishing;
  • floating houses, gazebos, cafes, saunas on the water;
  • breakwaters;
  • artificial islands for sports and recreation, etc.

How to order pontoons from us?

The Plasti-Co company is the leader of its industry in Ukraine, which we are certainly very proud of and strive to make our service even more comfortable and convenient for you.

To order pontoon systems from the manufacturer, you just need to call or send a request by e-mail. Our managers will advise you, help you with the choice of a specific design, tell you about the nuances of assembly, anchoring, calculate the cost of your project and organize the delivery. It is possible to visit our production site in Odessa.

When ordering pontoons from us:

  • You make a choice in favor of reliability and safety;
  • receive high quality products;
  • the possibility of acquiring a turnkey project.

Satisfied customers are our main goal and we do our best to fulfill it as efficiently as possible.

When it comes to safety, trust only professionals!


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